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Naomi’s PR Roundup – March 2021

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Hello and welcome back to CommsLabHQ. March has been a wonderful month, busy, but full of learnings and new experiences. I want to blog more consistently, whilst sharing great reads and thoughts, so here is a round-up from me for March 2021. Will this be a permanent thing? We shall see.

March at a Glance – Evolution and Growth

Celebrating diversity – News from the Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic PR community

Monthly Profile – Janique Berryman

Read of the month – Data Culture by McKinsey

March at a Glance – Evolution and growth

I went into March buzzing that I featured on the Propel 100 list, as 1/100 of the most influential PR agency professionals…in the world. It was unexpected and was a nice boost to my mood.

Last year, I became a CIPR Accredited PR Practitioner, to retain this status I need to complete my CPD annually. At the start of March, I set myself a challenge to complete my CPD for 2021/22 by the end of the month.

On Tuesday 9 March, I attended my first ever CIPR Council, being the youngest member of the 2021/22 cohort. This was an exciting moment for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the first meeting and doing my part to contribute to the Institute’s future. I want to thank my fellow Council members for being so welcoming to me, and I’m looking forward to seeing what we all achieve for our members and the industry in 2021.

3500 points accumulated, 200+ hours of in-class learning and additional reading, and 70+ classes. On Wednesday 10 March, I attended my last ever lesson of the MBA alternative I’ve been on for the last two years. It was a super proud moment for me, I’ve learned so much and have grown as a person – both personally and professionally since starting the diploma, I will continue to implement my newfound knowledge, skills, and experience on a daily basis.

On Monday 29 March, I was a panellist at the CIPR’s first welcome event alongside CIPR President – Mandy Pearse, Group Chairs – Shaun Bell, and Rachel Royall, and CIPR Membership Manager – Graham Kench.

I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this and sharing my experience and journey within the Institute. Remember, I’ve only been a member since September 2019, my key takeaway to attendees was to get involved, whether that’s by engaging in CPD, volunteering, attending events, and more. A special thanks to the team behind the scenes who worked hard on producing this event.

On Tuesday 30 March, I completed my CPD challenge – I obtained 30 points from graduating from my MBA alternative, 20 points from serving as Vice-Chair of the Knowledge Panel. The remaining 10 points came from reading a skills guide on influencer marketing ethics and listening to a podcast episode by the award-winning CalmEdgedRebels on personal branding.

Celebrating diversity – News from the Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic PR community

We may only make up 9% of the PR industry, but we consistently show up. Here are a few brilliant examples of diverse PRs and their most recent achievements. Congratulations to everyone and keep up the amazing work.

🌟 Alicia Solanki – Wonderful news from team Ketchum – Alicia has been promoted to Managing Director of Client Experience. In addition, she has been listed as one of the mentors for The Xec by BME PR pros – let’s go Alicia!

🌟 Asha Jani – Asha who was part of BME PR Pros in 2020, has recently landed a role as an Account Executive at Edelman – exciting times ahead.

🌟 Brenda Juliet Nabanja – Assisted on the Kate Winslet single release campaign, securing a magazine cover of NSG for PAUSE Magazine March issue – BME PR Pros Class of 2020 represent! Big moves Brenda.

🌟 Elizabeth Bananuka – Elizabeth has done it again! Elizabeth and the crew at BME PR Pros launched The Xec, which is the first leadership scheme for UK-based Black, Asian, Mixed Race, and Ethnic Minority (BME) PR and comms pros – we love to see it.

🌟 Teela Clayton – Teela is an absolute superstar and has recently announced the publication of her first-ever academic paper, in addition, Teela will be starting her PhD in June 2021 and is already leading on research for her second academic paper on Women in PR – watch this space!

Monthly Profile – Janique Berryman

I want to feature and highlight up and coming diverse PR pros on my monthly updates, so please get to know these wonderful practitioners. This month, I’m featuring Janique Berryman who is a fellow A Leader Like Me – Flight member.

Janique is a creative and proactive PR and communications professional with a flair for storytelling, creative writing and social media engagement.

She recently graduated with an MA in PR & Digital Communications, bringing experience from Manifest and Hilton+Knowlton Strategies.

Janique is seeking an entry-level communications role to further develop her PR skillset and business acumen.

If you know of any opportunities that will suit Janique, please get in touch with her.


Read of the month – Data Culture by McKinsey

In case you didn’t know – I absolutely love learning and I’m always reading up or listening to new things, from the rise of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) in the financial services industry to tech regulation in China and what it means for social media companies. Here’s my most interesting read from March.

Data literacy has been on my mind recently, at work I passionately advocate for the use of data to drive decisions. However, within the PR industry – our understanding and implementation of data can vary, with the data revolution taking shape at pace, I wanted to understand how we can democratise data and encourage more practitioners to get up to speed. We often hear about artificial intelligence and big data, but effectively, unless we have a good foundation in data across an organisation, we cannot harness these innovations.

During my search, I stumbled across a gem by McKinsey on data culture. I read numerous chapters of the quarterly edition and the report was singing to me in every aspect, it features several case studies of different organisations and their data culture journey, including the challenges they faced in the process.

Those organizations struggling to create value through analytics tend to develop analytics capabilities in isolation, either centralised and far removed from the business or in sporadic pockets of poorly coordinated silos”.

McKinsey Quarterly 2018, Number 3 – Pg 42

Psst, did I hear you say that you wanted a data literacy framework? Well, the Open Data Institute have you covered. Check out their webinar which walks you through their proposed framework and let me know your thoughts and what you’ve learned.

That’s all from me, if you enjoyed this post or have feedback – please do get in touch. You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.